Performance of Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara cattle under drought conditions in the North West Province of Southern Africa (Sho

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E. Collins-Lusweti
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The performance of Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara cattle during the 1989-92 drought period in the North West Province of South Africa was compared. Results for the Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara, respectively were as follows: birth mass - 30.3, 30.2, 31.l kg; 200-day mass - 135.6, 173.6, 150.6 kg; first calving interval - 474, 441, 685 d; second calving interval - 454, 382, 445 d; calving percentage - 87, 69, 70 %. Birth mass and 200-day mass within breed was affected by sire (P < 0.01). It was concluded that the breeds performed well under drought conditions but performance could be improved by genetic means.

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