Developing an Integrated support system to achieve a Continuous Profitability amongst the Resource Poor farmers of North West, L

Author: BJ Mtileni, PM Phitsane and NB Nengovhela
Year: 2006
Issue: 1
Volume: 7
Page: 1 - 4

The study was conducted to assess and examine the Community Piggery Projects so as to develop an integrated support system to achieve a continuous improvement in profitability amongst the Resource Poor Farmers of North West (NW), Limpopo (LP) and Mpumalanga (MP) province (from January-June, 2005). It was carried out using a “focusing framework” adopted from the “Continuous Improvement and Innovation” method. The farmer support team visited 23 identified community piggery projects (seven in NW, ten in LP and six in MP province). Information was gathered by using the “brainstorming technique” in order to identify current issues, problems, opportunities, constraints and needs on various aspects relating to the pig enterprises, thereby establishing current practices and performance. In addition a structured questionnaire was also used as a guideline and a form capturing relevant information. The general findings of the situation analysis conducted at NW, LP and MP province shows that pig production management, nutrition and marketing of the products are the most important limiting factors for resource poor agricultural piggery projects. Feed costs are so high that it is very difficult to sustain the proper feeding practices and this leads to underfeeding/ lack in nutrients feeds and in turn delays the animals to attain market age. Profit is not realized in most of the projects due to limited of managerial skills, technical knowledge and performance recording.

Keywords: continuous improvement and innovation, pigs, small scale
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