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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

The members of SASAS on the list of Animal Scientist Expertise are registered with SACNASP as Professional Natural Scientists and can be approached for advice on issues within their field of expertise.

Mrs.Nadine GibbensJohannesburgRuminantsView Details
Prof.Azwihangwisi Edward NesamvuniTHOHOYANDOUBeef / Goats/ Poultry/ pigsView Details
Prof.Frederick NeserBloemfonteinRuminantsView Details
Mr.Nkosinathi Percy BarekiPotchefstroomBeef Cattle and GoatsView Details
Prof.Norman CaseyPretoriaAllView Details
Prof.azwihangwisi maiwashePretoriaBeef cattleView Details
Dr.Ockert EinkamererBloemfonteinRuminantsView Details
Dr.Victor Mela OkoroJohannesburgPigs, chicken, sheep and goatsView Details
Mr.Paul BevanMiddelburgRuminantsView Details
Prof.phillip strydomStellenboschBeef, Sheep, PigsView Details
Mr.Mashilo PhosaLanseriaPoultry, Pigs, RuminantsView Details
Mr.Phutiane LetsoaloMiddelburgSheep (Ovis aries)View Details
Mr.Pieter le RouxLichtenburgRuminantsView Details
Prof.Caven Mguvane MnisiMafikengQuails; Chickens; CattleView Details
Dr.Pranisha SomaPretoriaCattle , sheep, goats and pigsView Details
Dr.Pulane SebothomaCenturionPigView Details
Mrs.Georgette Pyoos-Daniels Pyoos-DanielsPretoriaBovine, Porcine, OvineView Details
Dr.Fhulufhelo RamukhithiPretoriaPigs, chickens, Cattle, sheep and goatsView Details
Ms.Rebecca Mmamakgone MathobelaCape TownPoultry, Piggery, Goats, SheepView Details
Mrs.RIANA DURHAMMidrandPetsView Details
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