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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Response in nutritionally related blood metabolites, carcass traits and primal pork cuts of slow growing Windsnyer pigs fed on varying levels of potato hash silage

  • 2018
  • Issue: 4
  • Volume: 48
C.N. Ncobela, A.T. Kanengoni & M. Chimonyo Page: 770 - 778

The response of Windsnyer pigs to diets containing varying levels of potato hash silage in nutritionally related blood biochemistry, carcass traits and primal pork was estimated. Thirty-six growing clinically healthy male Windsnyer pigs with an initial weight of 36 kg…

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Effects of hot environments on bone growth in rats

  • 1983
  • Issue: 3
  • Volume: 13
T. Kawashima and H. Vano Page: 200 - 201

The physio-chemistry and endocrinology of bone growth was studied in rats housed under different temperature conditions. Bone lengths did not change significantly but bone widths and densities became significantly smaller in rats kept at 34 °C.The depression of bone alkaline…

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