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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Growth, slaughter performance, abdominal visceral organ sizes, and plasma metabolic markers in indigenous, improved, and crossbred growing pigs fed roasted or sprouted cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) diets

  • 2023
  • Issue: 6
  • Volume: 53
M.W. Lubisi, F. Fushai & J.J. Baloyi Page: 809 - 822

Growth, slaughter performance, and blood metabolic markers were evaluated in Windsnyer (W), Large White (LW) × Landrace (LR), and three-way crossbred (W × LW × LR) pigs fed control (soybean cake), sprouted, or roasted iso-nutrient, cowpea, maize-based diets. Twelve male…

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Protease and phytase supplementation of broiler diets in which soybean meal is partially or completely replaced by raw full-fat soybean

  • 2019
  • Issue: 3
  • Volume: 49
M.M. Erdaw, R.A. Perez-Maldonado & P.A. Iji Page: 455 - 467

The nutrient composition and enzymatic in vitro nutrient digestibility of raw full-fat soybean (RFSB) were assessed prior to evaluating the influences of enzyme supplementation in diets in which commercial soybean meal (SBM) was partially (phase 1) or completely (phase 2)…

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Partial replacement of commercial soybean meal with raw, full-fat soybean meal supplemented with varying levels of protease in diets of broiler chickens

  • 2017
  • Issue: 1
  • Volume: 47
M.M. Erdaw, R.A. Perez-Maldonado, M. Bhuiyan 1 & P. A. Iji Page: 61 - 71

A 3 * 3 factorial study was used to evaluate the feed intake (FI), body weight gain (BWG), and feed conversion ratio (FCR) of broilers fed on the test diets. The commercial soybean meal (SBM) was replaced by raw, full-fat…

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Germination as a processing technique for soybeans in small-scale farming

  • 2013
  • Issue: 2
  • Volume: 43
N.C. Kayembe & C. Jansen van Rensburg Page: 167 - 173

Heat processing is an effective way of reducing antinutritional factors (ANFs) in legumes, but requires expensive facilities and equipment. Accurate control of temperature is critical to avoid under- or overheating. Therefore, heat treatment of soybeans is not a viable option…

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