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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Effect of liquid-fermented potato hash, with or without exogenous enzymes, on carcass characteristics of growing pigs

  • 2023
  • Issue: 5
  • Volume: 53
P. Sebothoma, V.A. Hlatini, C.N. Ncobela, R.S. Thomas, M. Chimonyo Page: 678 - 688

The objective of the current study was to determine the effect of the dietary inclusion of liquid- fermented potato hash with or without exogenous enzyme on fermentation characteristics and carcass characteristics of pigs. Forty-two crossbred, male pigs (Large White ×…

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Influence of season of birth, sex and paternal line on growth performance and carcass traits in pigs

  • 2019
  • Issue: 2
  • Volume: 49
J.H. Lee, M.H. Song, W. Yun, S.D. Liu, C.H. Lee, H.J. Oh, J.S. An, D.J. Yu, H.B. Kim & J.H. Cho Page: 371 - 378

Participants in the pig production industry focus on feed and feed additives to improve growth performance and meat quality of pigs. Consequently, the Rural Development Administration of the Republic of Korea produced a new paternal line to improve economic traits…

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Response in nutritionally related blood metabolites, carcass traits and primal pork cuts of slow growing Windsnyer pigs fed on varying levels of potato hash silage

  • 2018
  • Issue: 4
  • Volume: 48
C.N. Ncobela, A.T. Kanengoni & M. Chimonyo Page: 770 - 778

The response of Windsnyer pigs to diets containing varying levels of potato hash silage in nutritionally related blood biochemistry, carcass traits and primal pork was estimated. Thirty-six growing clinically healthy male Windsnyer pigs with an initial weight of 36 kg…

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Effects of replacing marine fishmeal with graded levels of Tra Catfish by-product protein hydrolysate on the performance and meat quality of pigs

  • 2016
  • Issue: 3
  • Volume: 46
N.T. Thuy, M. Joseph & N.C. Ha Page: 221 - 229

A feeding trial was carried out to evaluate the effects of replacing fish meal (FM) with Tra Catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) by-product protein hydrolysate (TPH) on performance and carcass quality in pigs. Forty crossbred castrated (Yorkshire x Landrace) male pigs with…

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