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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Effects of maternal L‑glutamine supplementation during late gestation on litter performance

  • 2024
  • Issue: 1
  • Volume: 54
L. da Silva Fonseca, R.H.R. Moreira, J.H.P. Palencia, E. Lanferdini, R.F. Chaves, S.R.S. Junior, T.R. Gomes, L.R.S. Araújo, C.L. Levesque, M.L.T. de Abreu Page: 125 - 134

To evaluate the effects of glutamine (Gln) supplementation on sow performance during late gestation and lactation and their offspring, eighty pregnant, multiparous sows of a commercial hybrid line were used in a completely randomized, 2 × 2 experimental design at…

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The effect of compensatory growth on body composition in sheep

  • 1986
  • Issue: 4
  • Volume: 16
J.C. Greeff, H.H. Meissner, C.Z. Roux & R.J. Janse van Rensburg Page: 162 - 168

Sixty Merino lambs were randomly allotted to one of six feeding levels. The feeding levels were ad libitum (control) and 0,82; 0,72; 0,65; 0,55 and 0,45 of ad libitum. The feeding levels were calculated from the average weekly feed intake…

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