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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Relationship between body morphometry in Bapedi rams and sperm characteristics measured using Computer-aided Sperm Analysis

  • 2024
  • Issue:
  • Volume: 54
A. Maqhashu, H.A. O’Neill, J.N. Ngcobo, K.A. Nephawe, F.V. Ramukhithi, J.P. Sebei, N.O. Mapholi, N. Bovula, M.L. Mphaphathi & T.L. Nedambale Page: 1 - 10

Ram fertility is not defined by a single trait. Quantifiable physical parameters that are correlated to fertilization capacity of sperm are required to advise farmers on ram selection activities. The objective was to investigate the relationship between body measurements and…

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Carryover effects of varying hay concentration on the transition to silage-based feeding of weaned dairy calves

  • 2019
  • Issue: 6
  • Volume: 49
Z.A. Qamar, M.A. Rashid, T.N. Pasha, M.I. Malik, A. Saleem, M. Raza, H.U. Rehman & M.S. Yousaf Page: 1028 - 1035

Objectives of the experiment were to determine effects of dietary hay concentration in a dry total mixed ration and its carryover effects on intake, growth performance, faecal score, and feed efficiency of weaned dairy calves. Eighteen Friesian × Jersey weaned…

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Using path analysis to predict bodyweight from body measurements of goats and sheep of communal rangelands in Botswana

  • 2017
  • Issue: 6
  • Volume: 47
O. Temoso, M. Coleman, D. Baker, P. Morley, L. Baleseng, A. Makgekgenene & S. Bahta Page: 854 - 863

The objective of this study was to determine the practicality of using linear body measurement traits to predict live weight of goats and sheep under communal grazing in three districts of Botswana, namely Central, Kweneng, and Kgalagadi. Pairwise (Pearson) correlations…

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