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Effect of functional oil in piglet feeding and its effects on total blood count, health parameters, and gastrointestinal tract structure

  • 2022
  • Issue: 5
  • Volume: 52
G. B. Santos1, J. L. Genova2#, A. S. Lima3, A. C. Oliveira4, L. B. Azevedo5, P. E. Rupolo5, R. V. Nunes5, N. T. E. Oliveira5, S. T. Carvalho5 & P. L. O. Carvalho5 Page: 611 - 620

This study was performed to evaluate the effects of a functional oil blend (castor oil plus cashew nutshell oil) on complete blood count, health parameters, and intestinal structure in nursery pigs. A total of 128 crossbreed piglets (6.79 ± 1.76…

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