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Supranutritional supplementation of vitamin E influences mitochondrial proteome profile of post-mortem longissimus lumborum from feedlot heifers

  • 2018
  • Issue: 6
  • Volume: 48
C. Zhai, S.P. Suman, M.N. Nair, S. Li, X. Luo, C.M. Beach, B.N. Harsh, D.D. Boler, A.C. Dilger & D.W. Shike Page: 1140 - 1147

Supplementation of vitamin E improves beef colour stability by minimizing lipid oxidation-induced myoglobin oxidation. Mitochondria affect myoglobin redox stability, and dietary vitamin E influences mitochondrial functionality in skeletal muscles. Nonetheless, the influence of vitamin E on the mitochondrial proteome of…

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