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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Co-products in maize-soybean growing-pig diets altered in vitro enzymatic insoluble fibre hydrolysis and fermentation in relation to botanical origin

  • 2019
  • Issue: 2
  • Volume: 49
F. Fushai, M. Tekere, M. Masafu, C.M Akinsola, F. Siebrits, F.V. Nherera-Chokuda & A.T. Kanengoni Page: 201 - 218

The study examined the effects of botanical factors and fermentation-based, high-level dilution of co-product feeds in maize–soybean growing-pig diets on enzymatic insoluble fibre hydrolysis and fermentation. Feed insoluble fibre residues that were recovered after pepsin-pancreatin digestion were subjected to Roxazyme®…

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