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Trace mineral concentration of forages in connection with sheep dietary requirements

  • 2023
  • Issue: 3
  • Volume: 53
A. Qudoos, U.B. Tahir, S. Ahmad, M. Tariq, M. Imran, R. Nadeem, S. Noreen, N. Luqman, M. Maqbool, I. Jan, Z. Iqbal, M. Raza, M.S. Sajid & H.M. Rizwan Page: 361 - 368

This paper describes the trace and ultra-trace mineral concentration in different forages utilized by sheep (Kajli and Fat tail) in the rangelands of Chakwal district, Punjab, Pakistan. The concentrations of Se, Mo, Zn, Mn, Cu, and Co were assessed using…

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