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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Stress-alleviating properties of dietary red grape pomace in Ross 308 broilers reared at a high stocking density

  • 2023
  • Issue: 6
  • Volume: 53
K.K. Thema, V. Mlambo, C.M. Mnisi Page: 883 - 893

Nutraceutical plant products such as red grape pomace (Vitis vinifera L. var. Shiraz) contain potent antioxidants that could mitigate stress caused by high stocking density. An experimental feeding trial was conducted using a total of 720 densely-stocked (30 birds/pen) Ross…

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Behaviour, welfare, and tibia traits of fast- and slow-growing chickens reared in intensive and free range systems

  • 2021
  • Issue: 1
  • Volume: 51
A. Ghayas, J. Hussain, A. Mahmud, M.H. Jaspal, H.M. Ishaq & A. Hussain Page: 22 - 32

The behaviour, welfare, and tibia characteristics of fast- and slow-growing chickens were evaluated in free-range and intensive production systems. A total of 720 birds of three strains were subjected to these systems after 21 days of rearing under the same…

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