An evaluation of high lysine maize in the diets of broilers

Author: R.M. Gous & H.O. Gevers
Year: 1982
Issue: 2
Volume: 12
Page: 135 - 142

The feeding value of high lysine maize compared with normal yellow maize in the diets of broiler chickens was evaluated in 2 experiments using 2400 chickens in each trial. In the first experiment, although no differences in mass gain or food intake were significant, nevertheless broilers fed high lysine maize performed better than those fed the normal variety. White high lysine maize was superior to the yellow variety in this experiment. The second experiment was designed to determine the amount of synthetic Carotenoids needed to produce acceptable flesh colour in broilers fed white high lysine maize. An equation is presented from which it is possible to determine this amount. The results of the two trials indicate that whilst yellow high lysine maize would be the most favourable maize variety in diets for broilers, the superiority of this variety over normal yellow maize is not as evident as in diets for pigs

Keywords: broiler diets, High lysine maize, pigmentation
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