Analysis of growth characteristics in short-term divergently selected Japanese quail

Author: M.S. Balcioglu, K. Kizilkaya, H.I. Yolcu and K. Karabag
Year: 2005
Issue: 2
Volume: 35
Page: 83 - 89

This study was carried out to examine the effect of short-term selection for 5-weeks of age body weight in divergent lines of Japanese quail. Growth curves for both sexes within each selection group resembled the general sigmoid shape of a typical growth curve. Gompertz model curves and the observed growth curves were very similar. In both males and females the parameter estimates of the Gompertz growth curve were obtained with a high determination coefficient (0.9898 > R2 > 0.9840). Sex differences in asymptotic weight were found to be significant across lines. Similarly, in both sexes a significant divergent selection effect was determined for parameter A. The growth rate in all the Japanese quail lines was significantly higher in males than in females. There was also a significant increase in growth rate of the females selected for increased 5-week body weight over the control females, as well as a significant decline in growth rate of males selected for decreased 5-week body weight compared to the unselected control group.

Keywords: asymmetric response, Gompertz model, growth curve, growth rate
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