Correlation between live weight and body measurements in certain dog breeds

Author: B. Yüceer Özkul, P.C.K. Doka, D. Özen, F.T. Özbaşer, B. Özarslan & F. Atasoy
Year: 2021
Issue: 2
Volume: 51
Page: 151 - 159

The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between live weight and body measurements in Zağar, Zerdava, and Çatalburun dogs. Animal materials were obtained from various regions of Turkey. A total of 304 dogs from three breeds were used: Zağar (45 females, 59 males), Zerdava (50 females, 50 males), and Çatalburun (62 females, 38 males). Live weights and certain body measurements were determined. A linear regression model was created using the parameters obtained in this study. The bodyweights calculated with the body measurements were found to be at a high or acceptable level in the Zağar, Zerdava, and Çatalburun genotypes (R2 = 0.902, 0.467, and 0.697, respectively).

Keywords: Body measurements, breed, correlation, dog, Live weight
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