Die berekening van ’n praktiese korreksiemetode vir C + K ultrasoniese vetmate op die lewende vark

Author: P.A.A. Rossouw
Year: 1982
Issue: 3
Volume: 12
Page: 365 - 368

The calculation of fitted values for c + k ultrasonic fat measurements on the live pig at a specific mass. 

The aim of this study was to calculate a reliable and practical correction method for use in ultrasonically measured C +K fat at a standardized live mass of 86 kg. A total of ten Landrace X Large White boars were reared on the standard diet used at South African testing stations. The boars were weighed weekly and their back fat measurements ultrasonically measured once a week up to a slaughter mass of approximately 100 kg. The correction method was developed for pigs with a live mass higher than 90 kg. The regression equation In y = a + b In x, determined for each individual pig was used in the calculation, where y = C + K measurement and x = live mass.


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