Die optimum insluitingspeil van verhitte volvet sojaboonmeel en lisien in varkgroeidiëte

Author: E.H. Kemm, F.K. Siebrits & M.N. Ras
Year: 1982
Issue: 1
Volume: 12
Page: 53 - 56

Diets containing 3 levels of heated full fat soya bean meal (15, 18 and 21%) each supplemented at 5 lysine levels (0,70; 0,75; 0,80; 0,85 and 0.90%) were fed to 60 porkers (30 gilts and 30 boars) in diets, formulated to contain 13,2 MJ of DE per kg air dry feed. The pigs were housed individually and had free access to their respective diets. Although live mass gain increased and feed utilization improved with an increase in dietary soya bean level, the differences were small and statistically insignificant. An increase in lysine level above the basic level of 0,70% had no beneficial effect on any of the performance traits measured. The inclusion of 15% heated full fat soya beans and 0,7% lysine, when fed in a 13,2 MJ DE diet proved to be sufficient for porker production.

Keywords: full fat soya bean meal inclusion rate, Pig growth diets
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