Early lactational response to rumen-protected methionıne supplementation in dairy buffalo fed forage-based diets

Author: H. Muruz, S. Çelik, Z. Selçuk, B. Bölükbaş, S. Ertan
Year: 2024
Issue: 1
Volume: 54
Page: 77 - 85

This study determined the effects of rumen-protected methionine (RPMet) supplementation on milk yield and milk composition in early lactation dairy buffalo fed a forage-based diet. A total of 20 lactating, multiparous Anatolia water buffalo were used, with a mean initial milk yield of 4.63 ± 0.52 kg/d, 42.75 ± 6.21 days in milk, and a body weight of 452.8 ± 28.92 kg. The buffalo were separated into two groups, each containing 10 animals of similar body weight, parity, days in milk, and milk yield. The first group (CON) received a ration without feed additives as a control, whereas the second group (RPMet) was fed the control diet supplemented with 10 g/head/day of RPMet. The buffalo were housed in two separate free-stall barns. The experiment lasted for nine weeks, including one week for adaptation and eight weeks for the trial period. Experimental animals were fed a total mixed ration with a forage to concentrate ratio (R:C ratio) of 70:30 containing 15% crude protein and 1.72 Mcal/kg NEL. Daily milk yield was recorded for individual animals and milk samples were collected at 2-w intervals. The supplementation with 10 g/d of RPMet considerably increased milk yield (+ 0.16 kg/d), FCM (+ 0.66 kg/d), energy-corrected milk (+ 0.74 kg/d), milk protein yield (+ 0.02 kg/d), and milk fat yield (+ 0.05 kg/d), but did not affect milk lactose and SNF yield. A higher milk protein percentage was obtained with RPMet compared to the CON (0.23% vs.0.21); fat, lactose, and solid non-fat were similar. Early lactation RPMet supplementation beneficially affects milk yield, milk protein content and yield, and milk fat yield. Further studies are needed to assess the efficiency of RPMet under different dietary conditions in lactating buffalo.

Keywords: Anatolian water buffalo, milk performance, rumen-protect methionine
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