Effect of additives to Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silage on nutrient composition and rumen parameters in vitro

Author: E. Gürsoy, G. Sezmiş, K. Ali & T. Ayaşan
Year: 2023
Issue: 2
Volume: 53
Page: 231 - 238

In this study, Italian ryegrass ensiled in laboratory silos was examined in vitro to evaluate the nutrient composition of silage and rumen parameters. In this study, four experimental treatments were included, which included a control group (Italian ryegrass silage), the control group supplemented with 4.5% molasses, the control group supplemented with 4.5% locust bean fracture (Ceratonia siliqua), and the control group supplemented with 4.5% locust pods (Gleditsia triacanthos). A kitchen-type vacuum machine was used to vacuum the silage samples and store them at 25 °C for 60 days. The use of experimental additives had substantial effects on the nutrient value. The results demonstrated that the molasses-added group had a higher Fleig score while the locust pod-added group showed the lowest pH. The locust pod-added group had higher gas and methane production. The molasses-added group had a higher dry matter digestibility (DMD), relative feeding value (RFV), relative feed quality (RFQ), and total digestible nutrient content (TDN). As a result, the experimental additives were more effective than the control groups. Based on their potential to increase rumen fermentation, these additives are recommended.

Keywords: feed quality, Italian ryegrass silage, locust bean fracture, locust pods, molasses
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