Effect of combination magnetic technology and encapsulated probiotics in the drinking water on blood profile and immunity of laying hens

Author: M.H Natsir, O. Sjofjan, Y.F Nuningtyas, A. Mutaqin & F.Marwi
Year: 2023
Issue: 4
Volume: 53
Page: 503 - 510

This study aimed to determine the health status of laying hens using a combination of magnetic technology and probiotics in drinking water. A total of two hundred and eighty-eight (288), 57-week-old ISA Brown laying hens were assigned to six treatments with nine replicates in drinking water. Statistical data analysis followed a completely randomized design with treatments including water as control, magnetic technology (MT), 0.6% probiotic (PRO), 0.6% probiotic and magnetic technology (PRO+MT), 0.6% encapsulated probiotic (EPRO), and 0.6% encapsulated probiotic and magnetic technology (EPRO+MT). The laying hens received treatments for six weeks (42 d). The encapsulated probiotic was used to improve probiotic durability from intestinal damage. The health status consisted of blood and immunity profiles, including leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, and haematocrit, CD8+, CD4+, malondialdehyde, and B cells. The water quality was improved by the use of magnetic technology. Magnetic technology effectively decreased the CD8+, CD4+, malondialdehyde, and B cells in the blood of laying hens compared to treatments without magnetic technology. The combination of magnetic and encapsulation technology showed maximum results in improving blood profile and immune response.

Keywords: Blood profile, encapsulated probiotic, laying hens., magnetic technology
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