Effect of crossbreeding between two Egyptian goat breeds on physicochemical, technological and nutritional characteristics of go

Author: S.A. Salem, E.I. El-Agamy and A.M. Yousseff
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 158 - 161

Milk samples of two different crossbreds of Egyptian goats were analyzed for their physicochemical, technological and nutritional characteristics, in order to evaluate the effect of crossbreeding on milk properties. Crossbred goats (50% Damascus : 50% Barky) had better milk properties than milk of the Barky breed, but less than that of Damascus goats. Upgrading with Damascus goats (75% Damascus : 25% Barky) improved all milk constituents. Milk of the second crossbred had better technological properties than that of the first crossbred. Milk of both crossbreds had a satisfactory balance of essential amino acids, although lower than that of milk of the parent breeds.

Keywords: Barky goats, crossbreeding, Damascus goats, milk quality
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