Effect of herbal extracts as alternatives to antibiotics in the first week of age on broiler performance, serum biochemistry, and intestinal morphology under commercial farm conditions

Author: W. H. Hassan, M. M. Mustafa, R. H. Isa
Year: 2023
Issue: 3
Volume: 53
Page: 455 - 465

This study was performed to show the effect of two herbal extracts as alternatives to antibiotics in the first eight days of rearing on broiler performance, serum biochemistry, and the jejunum morphology of the broiler. A total of 264, one-day Ross 308 chicks were used. They were randomly distributed into four treatments including three replicates of each. T1 was the control (nothing in drinking water), T2 had antibiotics in the drinking water (1 g/L of Gentadox), T3 had ENTERIA in the drinking water (0.5ml/L), T4 had ICEN in the drinking water (0.5ml/L). These products were administered for the first eight consecutive days of rearing. In the first seven days, there was no substantial variation in performance found in all groups. From days 8–14, T3 markedly improved body weight gain (BWG). The feed conversion ratio (FCR), thyroid hormones, total protein, and globulin were substantially improved in T3 and T4. The edible internal organs and heart percentage was substantially increased in the herbal groups. All the jejunum histology parameters, except the crypt depth, were substantially increased in T3. The T3 recorded the best bodyweight uniformity and economic efficiency compared to other groups. Similarly, the yolk sac residual at days 4 and 7 was lower in this group compared to other groups. It can be concluded that herbal extracts can replace antibiotics in improving and enhancing general broiler performance.

Keywords: chicken, ENTERIA, FCR, Histology, ICEN, phytogenic plant
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