Evaluation of chia gel incorporation as a fat substitute in Nile tilapia fishburger

Author: M.C.C. Rampe1, F.C. Henry2, R.F. Oliveira2#, A.C. Santos Junior1, A.M. Maradini Filho3, M.C.J.D. Dardengo1
Year: 2022
Issue: 5
Volume: 52
Page: 621 - 629

Chia gel is known for its functional properties such as high water and oil retention capacity, emulsifying activity, and as a stabilizer for foams and emulsions. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the inclusion of chia gel as a substitute for pork fat in formulations of fishburgers made with Nile tilapia. Five formulations, one control and four with increasing levels of substitution of chia gel (12.50, 25.00, 37.50 and 50.00%) were evaluated. The fishburgers were characterized regarding their physicochemical composition, their technological characteristics, and microbiological viability. With the incorporation of the gel, there was a significant reduction in lipid component and the caloric value of the formulations, in addition to an increase in the percentage of dietary fibre. In addition, no negative effects were observed regarding yield and the main texture parameters studied. However, the formulations with the highest percentage replacement of pork fat by chia gel were darker when compared to the control treatment. Chia gel may be considered as a novel substitute for pork fat; however, it is recommended that techniques be employed to produce lighter gels, thus avoiding possible rejection by the consumer.

Keywords: animal fat substitution, healthy food, meat quality, mucilage of chia, Oreochromis niloticus, Salvia hispanica L.
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