Influence of graded level of salt and maturation times on quality traits of beef and pork sun-dried meat: A test pilot

Author: M. Eger, E.L. Kern, S.T. Carvalho, P.L.O. Carvalho, J.L. Genova & M.A. Grando
Year: 2022
Issue: 2
Volume: 52
Page: 134 - 141

The goal of this study was to assess the qualitative and sensorial characteristics of beef and pork sun-dried meat (SDM) with different salt (NaCl) levels (6%, 8% and 10%) and curing times (30 and 40 h). Samples from the beef strip loin (Gluteus medius) and pork loin (Longissimus thoracic) were cut to a thickness of 5 cm. Three levels of salt were applied, and the meat was allowed to cure for either 30 or 40 hours with three replications per treatment. The pH, shear force (SF), luminosity (L*), tonality (TON), saturation, loss of water by cooking (LWC), moisture, crude protein (CP), sensory attributes, and consumers’ intention to buy were analysed. Beef and pork produced differences in L*, saturation, TON, and CP, appearance, and colour of the sun-dried product. The SDM cured for 30 hours was higher in moisture, LWC and L* (P =0.023), and had greater CP content than that cured for 40 hours. The appearance and salinity of the product were affected by the level of salt that was used in making it. In conclusion, various NaCl levels did not influence the physical-chemical and qualitative characteristics of the SDM, but these characteristics were influenced by the curing and meat type. In addition, the meat type and the salt level affected some aspects of the sensory evaluation.

Keywords: animal protein, dried meat, qualitative characteristics, sensory attributes, sodium chloride levels
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