Media lacking rumen fluid for enumeration of rumen bacteria

Author: S.K. Baker & R.J. Moir
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 54 - 57

A medium without rumen fluid but containing trypticase, hemin and volatile fatty acids was developed for the enumeration of rumen bacteria. Counts of total culturable and amylolytic bacteria were as high or higher than those obtained using  medium CC (Zeigler-Leedle & Hespell, 1980) or medium 10 (Caldwell & Bryant, 1966).However, counts of cellulolytic bacteria were low probably owing to the absence of blending to remove bacteria from ingesta particles.



Keywords: amylolytic bacteria, cellulolytic bacteria, culture techniques, enumeration of rumen bacteria, rumen bacteria, Rumen ecology, rumen population, selective culture media
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