Ondersoek na seleksiemaatstawwe by Afrinoskape. Genetiese parameters van groei- en woleienskappe

Author: M.A. Badenhorst, J.J. Olivier, S.J. Schoeman en G.J. Delport
Year: 1991
Issue: 3
Volume: 21
Page: 162 - 165

Investigation of selection criteria for Afrino sheep. Genetic parameters of growth and wool traits: The data used in this study were obtained from the Carnarvon Afrino stud. The genetic and phenotypic parameters for the various growth and wool traits were estimated by means of Henderson’s Method III. The following traits were considered as possible selection criteria for ram selection: weaning weight (h2 = 0,21 ± 0,07), yearling weight (h2 = 0,22 ± 0,07), ADG: weaning-year-old (h2 = 0,22 ± 0,07), Kleiber: weaning-year-old (h2 = 0,23 ± 0,07), and eighteen-month mass (h2 = 0,28 ± 0,08). However, the traits yearling weight, ADG: weaning-year-old and eighteen month mass cannot be considered as possible selection criteria because of their undesirable genetic correlations with birth mass and eighteen-month mass. Kleiber: weaning-year-old had a non-significant negative genetic correlation of -0,12 ± 0,22 with birth mass, a medium positive correlation with yearling weight (0,35 ± 0,21) and it is almost unrelated to eighteen-month mass (rg = 0,10 ± 0,22). At 12 months of age, rams can be selected on the basis of the following selection index: I = 3 x weaning mass + 1 x Kleiber: weaning-year-old-18 x fibre diameter.




Keywords: Afrino, genetic parameters, growth traits, Kleiber ratio
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