Prediction of cattle performance on Coastcross 2 at different fertilizer and stocking rates

Author: C.J.G. le Roux, J.S. Swart, E. Oosthuysen, C. Trethewey, C. Pittaway and T. Daines
Year: 1999
Issue: 2
Volume: 29
Page: 64 - 68

The performance of young cattle, grazing Coastcross 2 (a cynodon hybrid) was studied at two sites in the Eastern Cape (Republic of South Africa). The rainfall and the fertilization rates at the two sites differed. Three stocking rates were applied at each site. Animal weight gains per hectare are related to initial weight, rainfall and nitrogen fertilization rate. The results indicate a regression model to describe a suitable stocking rate and weight gains per hectare with a given nitrogen fertilization rate, rainfall pattern and initial body weight. The difference between economic responses and animal performance are mentioned, and in this case the best economic response was achieved at a lower stocking rate than needed for optimum weight gains per hectare.

Keywords: animal performance, Cynodon, fertilizer level, summer pasture
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