Protein requirements of growing indigenous chickens during the 14-21 weeks growing period

Author: A.M. Kingori, J.K.Tuitoek, H.K. Muiruri and A.M. Wachira
Year: 2003
Issue: 2
Volume: 33
Page: 78 - 82

A study was conducted to investigate the growth response to diet protein level of growing indigenous chicken between 14 and 21 weeks old. The chickens were offered diets ad libitum with 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 g crude protein (CP)/kg diet. Body weight and feed intake of the birds were recorded weekly. Feed intake and weight gain increased significantly between the 100 and 160 g CP/kg diets where after they plateau. Feed efficiency measured by feed conversion ratio (FCR)  improved with increasing dietary protein level up to 160 g CP/kg after which there was no further improvement. It is concluded that the CP requirements for these chickens between 14 and 21 weeks of age is 160 g /kg.

Keywords: 14-21 weeks, Indigenous chickens, Protein requirements
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