Quantitative feed restriction of Pekin breeder ducks from 3 weeks of age and its effect on subsequent productivity

Author: M.D. Olver
Year: 1988
Issue: 3
Volume: 18
Page: 93 - 96

Six male and 24 female Cherry Valley Pekin ducklings were randomly allocated to each of 12 pens to test the effects of quantitative feed restriction during the rearing period on the subsequent reproductive performance. The three treatments were 50% of ad lib. intake from 3 to 20 weeks; 50% of ad lib. intake from 8 to 20 weeks; and ad lib. intake throughout. There were four replicates for each treatment. During the laying period (20 – 60 weeks) duck breeder pellets were fed ad lib. to all groups. Highly significant (P 0,01) differences in favour of the two restricted groups over the ad lib. fed groups were observed in most of the parameters studied. Differences between treatments in respect of the absolute and relative visceral masses were also investigated, giving some idea of the physiological phenomena that accompany feed restriction.




Keywords: body mass, carcass characteristics Pekin breeder, ducks, quantitative feed restriction, Reproduction
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