Relationships between growth parameters and scrotal circumference in Simmentaler bulls (Short communication)

Author: F.J.C. Swanepoel & H. Heyns
Year: 1986
Issue: 4
Volume: 16
Page: 218 - 219

Data from 129 young Simmentaler bulls taken at the end of the Phase C growth tests, were used to study the relationship of mass and growth parameters on testes size. Scrotal circumference was positively correlated with body mass and average daily gain. Pre-weaning gain appears to positively influence testicular growth more than post-weaning gain during a feedlot test. Therefore the probability of finding bulls with relatively small testes among bulls selected for weaning mass would be relatively small. Minimum scrotal circumference at a specific age should be established for individual breeds.



Keywords: growth parameters, scrotal circumference, Simmentaler bulls
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