Supplementary winter feeding and reproduction of beef heifers on Dohne sourveld (Short communication)

Author: J.A Erasmus & H.H. Barnard
Year: 1985
Issue: 4
Volume: 15
Page: 162 - 164

Shorthorn and Bonsmara type beef heifers from two breeding seasons were allocated to a high (H), medium (M) and low (L) level of nutrition after weaning at 7 months of age. The feeding levels were applied for 145 days (1972 heifers) and 118 days (1973 heifers). The H groups produced more calves during the first calving seasons. The L groups maintained higher mean calving percentages during the subsequent production years, mean values being 75,3 (H), 80,7 (M), and 82,7% (L) for the 1972 heifers, and 75 (H), 68 (M), and 83% (L) for the 1973 heifers.






Keywords: beef heifers, Reproduction, sourveld, supplementary feeding
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