The chemical composition, energy and amino acid digestibilities of cowpeas for use in poultry nutrition

Author: N.J. Tshovhote, A.E. Nesamvuni, T. Raphulu and R.M. Gous
Year: 2003
Issue: 1
Volume: 33
Page: 65 - 69

The aim of this study was to determine the chemical composition and digestibility of cowpea in poultry diets. Three cowpea cultivars, Glenda, Agrinawa and Indigenous were evaluated. The cultivars showed a wide range of protein contents (253.47 to 264.27 g/kg). The concentrations of amino acids varied among the cultivars. Dietary crude fiber contents varied from 51.49 to 58.13 g/kg. Cultivars were almost devoid of fat and calcium but relatively high in phosphorus. The AMEn and TMEn values ranged from 9.88 to 10.02 and 10.29 to 10.78 MJ/kg, respectively. The mean availabilities of AAs ranged from 72.81 to 81.04% with methionine having the highest value followed by glutamic acid and lysine having the lowest value. These variations may hold important ramifications for the use of cowpeas in poultry nutrition.

Keywords: amino acid digestibility, chemical composition, Cowpeas, Poultry
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