The incidence of foetal dwarfism in shorthorn cattle in the subtropics

Author: J.C. Bonsma, J.F.G. Badenhorst and J.D. Skinner
Year: 1972
Issue: 1
Volume: 2
Page: 19 - 21

Results are reported on the incidence of foetal dwarfism in purebred Shorthorn cattle in the subtropics. One third of the calves born weighed less than 18 kg and half weighed less than 22,75 kg. The weight of dwarfs ranged from 9,5 tot 16,4 kg. The incidence of dwarfism was higher amongst calves following a summer gestation period and also in male calves. The mean birthweight of calves was 20,1 ± 3,2 kg (9,5-27,3 kg) with a gestation length of 290 ± 1,9 days (281-301 days)compared to 30,0 ± 0,4 kg and 278 ± 1,0 days for Shorthorn cattle in a temperate region. The possible reasons for foetal dwarfing are discussed.


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