The relative nutritive value of irradiated spray-dried blood powder and heat-sterilized blood meal as measured in combination wi

Author: T.E.H. Downes, L.D. Nourse, F.K. Siebrits & J.W. Hastings
Year: 1987
Issue: 2
Volume: 17
Page: 55 - 58

A method of processing blood meal in which the nutritive value of the protein is preserved is described, since appreciable losses occur in the nutritive value of the protein when prepared by heat sterilization with drying at atmospheric pressure in steam jacketed vessels. Blood was spray dried and irradiated at an intensity of 10 kGy. Collectively the heat of spray drying and irradiation was effective in killing both the virus plaque-forming units and the bacteria, thus producing a commercially acceptable sterile product of higher nutritive value. The relative nutritive values (RNV) of 50:50 protein mixtures were 0,56 for whey protein concentrate plus heat-sterilized blood meal and 0,90 for whey protein concentrate plus irradiated spray-dried blood powder. Whey protein concentrate used as a control has a RNV of 1,0.



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