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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Online Membership Registration

1. On the SASAS webpage click Join SASAS

  • Old and new members
    Complete the application form, sign and submit or save for later
  • Wait for SASAS approval via email (this could take a few days)
  • Choose your username and password and keep it safe

2. SASAS old and approved new members

When you receive approval, go to the webpage, click on Member Login and sign in with your username and password

Online Membership Payment

1. On the Dashboard, select Orders and Go shop

On Membership Plans select your membership (full/student member) and click Add to basket

2. Click View basket → Cart page

3. Coupon payments

  • Obtain a coupon code (after direct payments or payments via the employer, etc.) from SASAS secretariat
  • Fill in the coupon code in the space provided and click Apply coupon. Then click Proceed to checkout
  • Crosscheck your information on the checkout page and click Place order

4. Credit card/EFT payments

  • If the coupon option is not used, the page will be for Credit card/EFT payments
  • Fill in your credit card details, Crosscheck your details and click Pay

Confirmation of Membership Registration

If payment is successful the SASAS member will receive three confirmation emails:

  1. That the order has been received
  2. You have paid your membership fees
  3. That your registration has been completed

Confirmation emails can be used to claim back registration fees from your employer for credit card/EFT payments.

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