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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Reaching new frontiers, #Big6

The historic University of Fort Hare is not unfamiliar with making history. The 2017 May graduation adds another historic event. This year marks the beginning of a journey to another 100 years of the University and what a better way to start off than having history being made by the graduation of 6 PhD Animal Science students all from the Department of Livestock and Pasture Science.  This group of students is special because not only are they diverse in personality but also in nationality, proving once again that there is surely hope for Africa. The countries represented by the students are Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and of course the rainbow nation, South Africa.

Their graduation achievements is accompanied by beautiful profiles, for example three of the graduating students presented part of their research findings at the 49th SASAS Congress, 3-6 July 2016 ,Spier Conference Centre, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Paper abstracts can be found on the link provided below.


   The 6 students and their thesis titles, from the left are:

Gunya Busisiwe: Potential of Eisenia foetida as a protein source for broiler chickens and its effects on the growth performance, digestive organs, bone strength and meat characteristics. Supervisors: Prof P.J. Masika, Prof V. Muchenje.

Mapfumo Lizwell: Behavioural and physiological attributes affecting enteric methane production in free-ranging Boran and Nguni cows. Supervisors: Prof V. Muchenje, Prof J. F. Mupangwa, Prof M. M. Scholtz.

Mukumbo Felicitas Esnart: Moringa oleifera leaf powder as a functional antioxidant additive in pork droëwors .Supervisors: Prof V. Muchenje, Dr E. Arnaud, Dr A. Descalzo, Prof. L. Hoffman and Prof. A. Collignan.

Katiyatiya Chenaimoyo Lufutuko Faith: Variations in morphological characteristics, tick loads, haemato-biochemical profiles, heat stress and the expression of heat shock protein 90AB1 in Nguni and Boran cows raised on natural pastures under tropical conditions. Supervisor: Prof V. Muchenje. 


Idamokoro Emrobowansan Monday: Management practices, milk quality, haemato-chemical biomarkers of free ranging pregnant goats from three genotypes and linear body measurements of their respective kids.  Supervisors: Prof P.J. Masika and  Prof V Muchenje

Zamxaka Chuma Wande: (not in the picture): Socio-economic Contribution and Health Challenges of Indigenous Chickens in Smallholder Systems. Supervisor:   Prof V. Muchenje and Prof P.J. Masika. 


Congratulations to the new Doctors. We look forward to the contributions your work (s) will bring to the African continent and the world at large. Also a job well done to Professor V. Muchenje, may you continue to flourish?

Nyeleka .S

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