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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

I have been studying the lives of people I find inspirational, the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, and Usain Bolt etc…, you know those who against all odds made it happen.
Interestingly I found a common thread “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”- Though it does not produce super beings it surely does distinguish the good from the best and continues to reward them with opportunities. Thomas Edison (created the first light bulb) probably failed for days and weeks before he succeeded and I can only imagine the number of hours it takes Bolt to prepare for the Olympics and the amount of time he spent in training before becoming a World record holder.  Though different in discipline, people who excel in their various fields spend time perfecting their craft.

Success is…

From my unpublished data on becoming a success, I have come to the conclusion that, those who are willing to apply the 10 000 hours rule will be distinct, a cut above the rest so to speak. I mean in his first appearance in the Olympics, Bolt was no force to be reckoned (Did I not search for his first race in the Olympics) but today he is the epitome of a sprinter.  It’s just like all researchers, who propose novel theories and potential solutions to problems; no one knows who they are and what they are about, until they prove themselves through publications.  The more they write the better they become. The wonderful thing about making a success out of life is that it requires practice and dedication things we don’t pay for.

I had an Aa haa moment, Success is a cultivated and natured “habit”. It takes a couple of failed attempts and it’s a process not something that happens because we hope and pray about it. No scientist was born with a publication or a solution to the problems faced by the animal industry; it is through dedication and the desire to be better than others in their respective fields that enables them to break barriers.

My journey begins

So as I journey through my project using a novel protein source in broiler diets – in order to reduce feed cost and to achieve sustainable food production – I will take it one day at a time with the understanding that it and I are a work in progress towards the success I want to attain. Perhaps challenges beyond what I perceive will erupt (Volcano vibes) but that’s all good because I’ve come to understand that “The bigger the villain’s plot, the more attractive is the hero’s victory” the villain being my project.

This is my beginning

Nyeleka. S

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