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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher


It’s been a month since the annual South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) congress was held in Stellenbosch, allowing me some time to reflect on the delightful yet educational experience of participating in the annual student quiz for the very first time.  The quiz was exciting, in fact thrilling, because thought and action had to occur simultaneously. Imagine having to read a question, understand it, consult your team mates then press the button  for the answer you all are convinced is correct,  while time is not a good companion.  

Though it was a competition, Mr Paul Bevan (the quiz master) put us at ease with his jokes and calm style of engaging us. My colleagues and I, #CENTENARY and #UFH_100_YEARS did not win but the joy of sharing that experience with fellow scientists was awesome. I’m sure your thinking “I would also say the same if I did not win” but on the real we enjoyed ourselves.                                                                   

 The audience was such a delight, they laughed with us and mostly at us, sympathized and cheered us on and were very understanding of our situation- #pressure, #notimeformistakes.  You would have thought that they were taking part in the quiz judging by the way they held their breath before the release of results after each question. Would I do it again? Most definitely because the questions are not difficult though sometimes tricky, besides it was a fantastic opportunity for one to see how fast they can think on their feet.

Sipokazi Nyeleka (MSc. Animal Science student)

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