Cafeteria feeding: A philosophical opinion on the intricacies of its usage in animal nutrition

Author: N.P. Bareki & M.A. Bareki
Year: 2019
Issue: 1
Volume: 12
Page: 17 - 20

The term “Cafeteria” has been commonly used in animal nutrition research and feeding practices for decades. The use of this term is, however, not consistently applied across all animal science domains and has different implications depending on the intended applications. The exactness of reference has also been altered from the term’s original applied and common usage in time and space. Its current use and application presents inconsistencies that should be a cause for concern in animal nutrition. This letter seeks to briefly explore and discuss the context and intricacies of the use of the term “cafeteria” in animal nutrition.

Keywords: Animal feeds, cafeteria diet, free-choice feeding, ration
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