Cation-anion balance in supplementary feed to mitigate heat stress in grazing beef cattle

Author: K.J. Leeuw & M.M. Scholtz
Year: 2013
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
Page: 28 - 31

Beef cattle are expected to experience severe heat stress as a result of the changing weather patterns on both a global and regional scale. This may negatively affect the food production from cattle. Negative effects of increased ambient temperatures and thus heat stress include lower reproductive rates and lower weaning weights. The effects of heat stress at a metabolic level may include the loss of ions and changes in hormonal excretions. The loss of ions can possibly be addressed through supplementary nutritional strategies. There is, however, a need to research the effect of adding ions into the diets of veld-reared beef cattle and its potential to mitigate the effects of heat stress.


Keywords: nutritional strategies
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