Reproductive performance of Archachatina marginata fed graded levels of dry okra fruit meal as phytogenic feed additive

Author: S.M. Itoe, G.M. Tchowan, D. Ewane, R.L. Shu, L.M. Ndam, F.N. Ambeno, P.M. Oben & H.F. Defang
Year: 2024
Issue: 1
Volume: 17
Page: 18 - 30

Diversification of livestock production with micro-livestock, such as snails, through the use of phytogenic feed additives can contribute to increase in production and alleviating the problem of deficiency of animal protein in the diets of Cameroonians. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of dietary inclusion of graded levels of dry okra fruit meal on the reproductive performance of Archachatina marginata snails. A 10 month study was conducted using 360 one month old hatchlings of mean weight 1.11g ± 0.01, shell length 15.90mm ± 0.11 and shell diameter 12.80mm ± 0.15. They were allotted to 4 groups (T0, T2.5, T5.0 and T7.5) of 15 snails each and 6 replicates in a completely randomised design. The control group received the basal diet and the other 3 groups had in addition to the basal diet dry okra fruit meal supplemented at 2.5, 5.0 and 7.5g/kg feed respectively. Subsequently the reproductive indices were evaluated and data generated were analysed using SPSS. Results showed that dietary inclusion of dry okra fruit improved spawning characteristics of snails. There was significant increase in egg weight and egg morphometric characteristics with 7.5g/kg okra supplementation. Hatch rate and gonadosomatic index were significantly increased with 5.0g/kg okra supplementation. A 7.5g/kg supplementation resulted in significantly shorter incubation period and increased gonad weight in addition to improved spat weight, spat morphometric characteristics and mortality rate. It was therefore concluded that okra could be included in the diet of growing snails as phytogenic feed additive for improved reproductive performance.Itoe, 2024 Vol 17 (1)

Keywords: Egg Morphometric characteristics, fertility, Snails, Spawning characteristics, Supplementation
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