The analysis of breeding structure in the modern context

Author: Charl Hunlun
Year: 2011
Issue: 1
Volume: 4
Page: 14 - 21

The analysis of the breeding structure of a livestock breed is generally considered as “old” technology and was, generally, cumbersome to achieve. The advent of modern computerised animal recording databases and faster and more powerful computers have made this kind of analysis viable again and the information emanating from a breeding structure analysis can assist researchers, advisors and breeders in making the correct decisions in their efforts to improve the breeds they are working with. Animal breeders, like any other entrepreneur, operate in a dynamic and competitive industry. Reliable and applicable information forms the core of good management and strategic decisions. By utilising existing records of origin, parentage and ownership, researchers, breeders’ organisations and breeders can improve the quality of the decisions they have to make.

Keywords: Bonsmara
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