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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

Welcome to the Eastern Cape SAS Branch


At the recent launch of the EC SASAS Branch students who received awards posed for a photo with the newly elected Branch Chairman (centre) Dr Monde Maphekula. On the left, Ms. Adia-En-Michelle Dokora (Awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement for the year 2013) and on the right, Ms. ZimkhithaSoji (Awarded thePost Graduate Merit Bursary for the year 2013). The awards were presented to them by Prof Voster Muchenje, council member of SASAS, and Dr Jean Rust.

The 21st of May 2014 saw the historic re-establishment of the Eastern Cape branch of the South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS), hosted by the University of Fort Hare. It has always been on the agenda of the National SASAS council to establish an Eastern Cape branch and interested people from as far as Grootfontein attended the historic re-launch of the branch. A total of 55 individuals were in attendance. The Branch had not been in existence for the past 23 years due to various challenges.

The meeting was called by Ms Ntosh Faku, an Animal Scientist with the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform in East London and it was chaired by Dr Jean Rust, a senior researcher with Dohne Research Station.

The proceedings started with a brief background on the challenges and work done by the Interim committee that successfully hosted the SASAS Congress in East London in 2012.  Professor Voster Muchenje, who is a member of the SASAS Council, gave a brief input from Council’s side. He informed the meeting that the formation of the EC Branch had been on the Agenda for the past 3 years at every council meeting and the Council fully supports the formation of the branch. He touched on the Interim committee that hosted the SASAS congress 2 years ago and thanked them for the job well done. He emphasised the need for community, farmer and industry engagement since 25% of all livestock in the country is found in the Eastern Cape and there is no SASAS branch to help coordinate and promote active participation between these structures.

With numerous suggestions, all individuals present proposed the following yearly activities; an Industry Day, mini-symposia, annual congress, quarterly visits to industry and farmers and participation in farmers’ days in order to increase more interaction between industry, farmers, government, students at tertiary institutions and the newly formed branch.

Under the guidance of Professor Muchenje, a new committee was elected following the Rules and Regulations of the Society. The people in the above table  were chosen into office.  The seat for Sponsorship and Marketing is still vacant.

The chairman shortly addressed the meeting and Dr Rust thanked those present and especially Ms Faku for her initiative.


Dr Monde Maphekula


Livestock Scientific Manager:Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute(GADI), Middleburg

049 8026654
+27 738114927

Dr Viola Maphosa

Vice chairperson

Senior Lecturer:
Faculty of Science & Agriculture –
Dept. of Livestock& Pasture Science
University of Fort Hare, Alice

+27 732435614 / +27 791694205

Dr Jean Rust


Animal Scientist:

Dohne Agricultural Development Institute,Stutterheim

043 683 5467
082 041 7647

Ms Ntombekhaya Faku


Animal Scientist:
Department of Rural Development&Agrarian Reform, East London

043 706 8746/3
+27 82303 8866

Mr Carlos Nantapo


PhD Candidate- Meat Science & Task-on-Time Lecturer

+27 83 352 2475
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