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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher




  1. The applicant

1.1       The applicant shall be at least a student member of the Society (apply electronically) who has graduated at a South African university. (Nationality is not a restriction).

1.2       The candidate must have qualified with at least a BSc (Agric.) in Animal Science or Animal Production.

  • The applicant shall be a postgraduate student who must be registered to do an Honours or a Masters degree in Animal Science / Animal Production at a South African university.
  1. Value and payment

2.1       Council shall decide on the amount payable to the successful applicant.

2.2       The bursary amount shall be paid in two instalments (one per year) directly to the successful candidate, on condition that his/her SASAS membership has not lapsed.

  1. Conditions

3.1       This bursary is restricted to a study in a recognised animal science field at any university in South Africa.

3.2       The bursary is awarded for exceptional academic performance (cum laude).

3.3       The applicant shall undertake to complete the Honours degree within two (2) years and the Masters degree within four (4) years.

3.4       In the case where the student fails to complete his study, SASAS reserves the right to claim the total amount plus ten per cent (10%) interest from the recipient. (Upon recommendation from promoter)

  • Due recognition of the bursary must be given in the thesis and in any publication accruing from the study.
  1. Documents that shall accompany the application

4.1       A certified copy of the graduation certificate for degrees already acquired by the applicant.

4.2       A certified copy of an official statement of all subjects and symbols already completed, undergraduate as well as postgraduate as applicable.

  1. Application form and closing date

5.1       The application form is available on the SASAS website or from the SASAS Secretary.

  • The closing date for the bursary application is 29 February 2020.

Submission: The Secretary, SASAS, PO Box 13884, Hatfield, 0028, Pretoria or

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 012 420 6017   Fax: 012 420 3290

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