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"Experientia docet" - Experience is the best teacher

The 50 “Golden” SASAS congress in September 2017 in Port Elizabeth

The South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) has come a long way since its inception in 1961- yes it’s been that long. Being part of a diverse society such as South Africa, SASAS has not failed to “move with the times”; changing from the South African Society of Animal Production (SASAP) so as to capture all the different aspects of animal agriculture. “A farm to fork approach to agriculture” as my supervisor would say. It’s still around #SASAS-Has-Made-It. Throughout the years it has remained true to its mission “To advance animal science and promote viable animal production systems, while sustaining natural resources and the environment and thereby serving the interests of human welfare”. This year marks the 50TH SASAS CONGRESS’ existence, and the theme fits in beautifully with the mission of SASAS.

Forward we go, #INNOVATION

The theme captures the milestones attained by the congress as well as a future that promises to be nothing but splendid (as well as sustainable). It is the aim of this year’s organizing committee to showcase cutting edge- innovative strategies that South African Animal scientists have to offer to the growing and dynamic South African population and the world. Issues such as climate change, food security and sustainable animal production (which is what we are about) and many more will be topics of hot discussion.  As the saying goes; “we will leave no stone unturned” or rather “no word unspoken”. Overall, the 2017 Congress seeks to inspire and trigger thought provoking debates (unpacking world-class scientific research and the industry gaps salbumol – image 7 open to research) that will challenge present day animal scientists to use resources sustainably for continued and sustained production that will benefit future generations.

The 50th hosts

The SASAS Eastern Cape branch looks forward to hosting the congress. Fortunately for the attendees, it’s all happening in spring, a time when nature comes alive and what better way to experience the skin glittering warmth of spring than in the Wild Coast.

Undoubtedly, there is loads to be seen and done but hey, we won’t give it all away now would we, best you attend the congress to find out.  What we can tell you though is that The Board Walk is a spectacular venue! Almost a view to die for.

Be sure to follow us (twitter @SASAS, EC. & Facebook: South African Society of Anima Science, Eastern Cape branch) to catch all the latest trends on the upcoming congress. See you there!

Nyeleka. S and Mcayiya. M

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