Innovative mating practice to breed highly fertile replacement heifers in a terminal crossbreeding system

Author: M.M. Scholtz
Year: 2007
Issue: 1
Volume: 8
Page: 29 - 30

The utilization of heterosis, such as terminal crossbreeding improves the efficiency and output of beef cattle farming. Terminal crossbreeding is also less complicated than rotational crossbreeding. The only prerequisite is that the fertility of the dam line should be high enough to allow for the production of enough straight bred heifers to maintain the system, and many systems fail because this can not be met. In this article the principle that all cows are straight bred to dam-breed bulls during the first part of the mating season, and thereafter to terminal-breed bulls is discussed. It is demonstrated that fertility can be drastically increased by using this method, resulting in a successful system of terminal crossbreeding.

Keywords: Afrikaner cattle, fertility, terminal crossbreeding
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