Components and specific gravity of colostrum from Anatolian buffalo cows and effects on growth of buffalo calves

Author: H. Erdem, I.C. Okuyucu & H. Demirci
Year: 2022
Issue: 3
Volume: 52
Page: 316 - 325

This study aimed to determine the relationship between specific gravity (SG) of colostrum and its components, namely dry matter, fat and protein, on the growth of Anatolian buffalo calves. The study used 62 Anatolian buffalo cows and their calves (32 females and 30 males). The SG of the colostrum was measured with a colostrometer, and the components were analysed with a milk analyser after calving. A single value for analysis was obtained by taking the arithmetical mean of the SG values of the colostrum two hours after birth. The values were classified as below average (Group 1: <1.070 g/ml) and above average (Group 2: ≥1.070 g/ml). All calves were weighed with an electronic scale at birth and on days 15, 30, 45, and 60 afterwards. Body measurements were recorded at these times. Calves that received high SG colostrum were heavier on days 15 and 30. The chest girth measurements of Group 2 were greater at all ages. At days 30, 45, and 60 after calving, Group 2 had greater wither heights as well. Thus, Group 2 realized greater growth during the neonatal period compared with Group 1. Feeding calves with high SG colostrum is important to obtain adequate immunity and to increase growth.

Keywords: : Growth, age of dam, calving season, colostrometer, physical dimensions
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