Dietary nano-dicalcium phosphate improves immune response and intestinal morphology of broiler chickens

Author: M.D. Makola, L.E. Motsei, T.O. Ajayi & A.O. Yusuf
Year: 2021
Issue: 3
Volume: 51
Page: 362 - 370

Various levels of substitution of nano-dicalcium phosphate (nCaHPO4) for the calcium and phosphorus supplied by limestone and monocalcium phosphate were evaluated, based on weight change, serum constituents, immune response and intestinal morphology of broiler chickens. The birds were assigned to five dietary treatments containing 0% (control), 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% substitution levels of nCaHPO4 from days 0 to 42. Data were collected for blood measurement and intestinal morphology and analysed with one-way analysis of variance. Feeds substituted with 40% nCaHPO4 showed a higher mean value of final weight and better feed conversion. The results revealed similar haematological parameters across the treatment groups. At the same time, nCaHPO4 influenced most of the serum biochemical constituents, such as calcium, phosphorus, glucose, albumin, and total protein. High concentrations of total protein were observed for birds fed 60% nCaHPO4 compared with other treatments. The highest comparable means for albumin were observed in birds fed 40% and 60% nCaHPO4. Cholesterol levels were increased when birds were fed 0% and 40% of diets. Elevated serum phosphorus concentration was observed when 0%, 40%, 60% and 100% substitution levels were fed, whereas 80% presented the least mean value. The results also showed that birds fed 40% nano-dicalcium phosphate had the highest villi length, which signified improved absorption of minerals. In conclusion, 40% and 60% levels of nCaHPO4 could be used to boost immune response and functional intestinal morphology of broiler chicken with no negative effect on haematological parameters.

Keywords: Blood profile, intestinal morphology, nanoparticles, Poultry
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