Early phase dietary supplementation of lipase and lecithin affects performance, haematology and immunology of broilers

Author: M.N. Shabani, D. De Marzo, L. Esmailzadeh, A. Seidavi, V. Laudadio & V. Tufarelli
Year: 2021
Issue: 5
Volume: 51
Page: 670 - 677

A total of 192 one-day-old Ross 308 chicks were weighed individually (42.0 ± 0.8 g live weight) and randomly assigned to four dietary groups, each with three replicates of 16 birds. One group was a control (CON) and fed a starter diet without supplementation. The other three groups were fed the same starter diet during the starter phase (1 – 10 days old) supplemented with lecithin (LEC) at 0.05 g/kg diet or lipase (LIP) at 0.05 g/kg, or a combination (LEC+LIP) at 0.05 + 0.05 g/kg. No significant effects of supplementation with LEC and LIP on feed intake of broilers were observed during the starter phase, whereas bodyweight gain increased after the combined addition of these supplemental ingredients. Thus, final bodyweight was greater in LEC+LIP broilers compared with the other groups. Dietary supplementation with LEC or LIP had a positive effect on final bodyweight. However, the effect was less than the simultaneous supplementation of LEC+LIP. Moreover, the feed conversion ratio in the LEC+LIP group improved (P <0.05) in the finisher phase (25 - 42 days old). Carcass traits and blood parameters were not influenced significantly by treatments, whereas supplementing LEC+LIP stimulated the immune system of broilers significantly. Thus, it can be concluded that supplementing LEC and LIP in early-stage broilers supported their performance and immune response positively up to finisher rearing phase.

Keywords: broiler production, health, Meat, nutrition
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